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Small birthday management

icon 11/09/2012

Instead of using heavy software, one can prefer using very small tools to do one single action. I did this with the birthday program. As a command line program, it has no graphical interface. The user just have to make a text file containing the birthdays and to call the executable birthday.

For instance, say I made a ~/.birthdays as is:

Linus Torvalds=28/12/1969
Richard Stallman=16/03/1953

When I launch birthday, the program searches for birthdays within 21 days, which is the default behavior. If there's none, nothing appears. Otherwise, messages about birthdays appears. For instance, I typed birthday -W999 to make it search all birthdays (within 999 days...):

Linus Torvalds is 43 years old in 3 months, 2 weeks and 3 days' time.                                                                                                               
Richard Stallman is 60 years old in 6 months and 5 days' time.

Te best is to do something to automatically check the birthdays. Here comes the crontab -e. Just insert the command at the reboot and you will get a local message when something outputs. It's also possible to insert the command in your ~/.bashrc when you connect to the command line.

The project is hosted on SourceForge and is available in Debian Linux.

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